Institute for Gender and Development Studies




Postgraduate Diploma in Gender and Development Studies
Masters of Science in Gender and Development Studies
Masters of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies
Doctor of Philosophy in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies



Marcus Kissoon, MSc  Process of Disclosure Amongst Indo-Caribbean Male Survivor of Child Sexual Abuse / Sexual Assault and Gender Negotiations

Nataki Lewis, MSc  Hair Stories – The Interpretations of Mine, Ours, and Your Hair from an Afro-Trinbagonian women’s Perspective

Shelly Santiago, MSc (Distinction)  Exploring Women’s Unequal Geographies of Gendered Displacements in Post-Earthquake Haiti

Veraj Sonnyram, MSc  Engaging Men on Issues of Gender Based Violence: Notions of Masculinity, Accountability and Pro-Feminist Men’s Movement Building




Renuka Anandjit, M.Sc. (Distinction)  Exploring the Absence of Abortion Services in the Public Health Sector: Implications for Rural Women in Guyana

Adaeze Greenidge, M.Sc.(Distinction)  Resistance, Representation and "Madness": A Feminist Analysis of Trinidad's Earth People

Jacqueline Kennedy-Benn, M.Sc  Evaluating the current screening process used by nurses on antenatal clients to determine if they are experiencing Intimate Partner Violence

Asha Maharaj, M.Sc (Distinction)  Crossing Difference Through Trinidadian Feminist Scholarship: A Course for the Future Analyzing the ways that the local body of discourse has crossed difference through scholarship

Amilcar Sanatan, MPhil  Masculinities in the 21st Century Caribbean: Challenging Male Privilege with Profeminist Personal Stories and Pedagogies   

Yolanda Simon, M.Sc  Experiences of HIV positive Women in the National HIV/AIDS Epidemic in Trinidad and Tobago - 1990-2010



Annehara Guy, Postgradaute Diploma

Maria Jaikaransingh, Postgraduate Diploma

Merisa Thompson, PhD  On the Farm and Out at Sea: Gender and the Lived Relations of Power in Two Trinidadian Food Complexes






Tricia Basdeo, MSc  A comparative analysis of perceptions of Intimate Partner Violence by men and women in Trinidad and Tobago

Nirmala Chatar, MSc  Widowhood: The Indo-Trinidadian Woman from Tradition to the 21st Century 

Tivia Collins, MSc (Distinction)  The Politicisation of Sexual and Reproductive Rights in Guyana

Richianne Daly, Postrgraduate Diploma

Darrell Francis, MPhil

Candice Arthur-Frederick, Postrgraduate Diploma

Shelly-Ann Hart, MSc  A Study of the Profile and Experiences of Female Juvenile Offenders Housed at the Women’s Prison In Trinidad And Tobago

Melvin Julien  Through the Eyes of Boys: Male Academic Under-Achievement in Secondary Schools - A case study in county Victoria, Trinidad and Tobago

Sarah Nabbie, MSc  Child Marriage: Cultural Expression or Exploitation? A Struggle for Consensus on Child Marriage in 21st Century T&T

Nigel Phillip, Postrgraduate Diploma

Rachel Thomas, MSc (Distinction)  Bare-ing Witness: Uncovering Black Women’s Experience of Police Violence in Militarized Communities 



Darrell Francis, MSc  Living Below the Margins: The Silenced Voices of Women Negotiating Family, Work and Welfare in Trinidad and Tobago

Michael Grandison, PDiploma

Lisa Marie McDonald, MSc  Women’s experiences of achieving senior leadership positions in the finance industry in Trinidad

Sabrina Mowlah-Baksh, MSc  The decision to run: Experiences of women who have succeeded in winning elected public office

Aleah Ranjitsingh, PhD  Winning or losing ground? Women and Hugo Chavez’s Bolivarian revolution in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela

Marissa Richardson, MSc  Internship report on components of the Rape Crisis Society of Trinidad and Tobago and the Trinidad and Tobago Coalition against Domestic Violence











Rachel Espinet, MSc  To queer or not to queer: Interrogating bodies in Shani Mootoo’s Valmiki’s Daughter

Charen Glasgow, MSc  Resisting a sexist ideology: Responses to sexual harassment by women security officers in Trinidad and Tobago

Natasha Mahabir-Persad, MSc  Desire It! Define It! Live It! First Time Mothers and Empowerment

Angela Mills, MSc  Ten years and counting: A study of the factors that impact marital satisfaction in the East-West Corridor and Central Trinidad

Celise Patrick-Alfred, MSc  Economic empowerment and government programming in gender and development: A review of the Women in Harmony project



Catherine Ali, PhD  "Getting through" What constitutes empowerment in negotiations in Trinidad.

Sue Ann Barratt, PhD  Investigating the relevance of perceptions of gender identity to interpersonal communication conflict

Kelly Ann Sambrano, MSc  A study of black enslaved women’s use of sexual negotiations for their survival and advancement in British West Indian colonies 1750-1834

Nneka St Rose, MSc  Young ‘Trini’ romance: The way Trinidadian adolescents view gender roles through romance on Gossip Girl.




Nicholas Ronnie Gilbert, MSc  Masculinism and the reproduction of criminogenic behaviour in Trinidad prison.

Karen Hull-LaCoa, MSc  An internship experience at the Gender Affairs Division, Trinidad: Reflections.



Eve Louise Ebbeson, MSc, 2010.  A study of three perceptions and incidents of sexual harassment on the St Augustine Campus of The University of the West Indies.

Veronica Farrell, MPhil, 2010. Female displacement and dispossessionin the fiction of Jean Rhys.

Anusha J Ragbir, MSc, 2010. Staging "Indianness": the production of visibility in Indian beauty pageants in Trinidad.

Camille Michelle Samuel, PhD, 2010. Corporate turnaround and gender in Trinidad: Exclusionary practices in corporate turnaround leadership.



Jacqueline Burgess, MSc, 2009. The complexities of fatherhood: challenges of the absent male in Trinidad and Tobago.



Denise Sherline Merkitch, MSc, 2008. The evolution and effectiveness of the gender mainstreaming project in Tobago 1999 to 2001.




Raquel Lisa-Marie Sukhu, MPhil, 2006. Why men batter: malev(i)olence, malevolence, misogyny.



Wayne Riley, MPhil, 2005. The ordination of women the Seven Day Adventist Church.




Gabrielle Jamela Hosein, MPhil, 2004. Gender, generation and negotiation: adolescence and young Indo-Trinidadian women's identities in the late 20th century.



Donna Drayton, MPhil, 2003. Gender and adult literacy with specific reference to the Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA) of Trinidad and Tobago









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