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The Master of Philosophy (MPhil) in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies is a full-time and part-time programme that can be completed in 3 or 5 years respectively. This programme is directed at students who are interested in a research-oriented degree, grounded in feminist theorising and activism. MPhil Candidates should have the capacity to engage in independent work required for a research degree (evidenced by suitable referees in the field of research and a proposal detailing a selected field of study) and be capable of developing and completing an original research thesis. MPhil Candidates have an option of developing a thesis by practice under the supervision and approval of their supervisor and IGDS graduate studies coordinator. While there are no required electives for this programme, additional courses or the reading course (GEND 6010 Advanced Feminist Theory) may be recommended by IGDS Academic Staff or Supervisor to assist with MPhil Candidates’ research thesis.

Programme Goals

The goals of this programme are:
1. The development of a body of gender-based knowledge and research on the Caribbean;
2. To contribute to the development of feminist theory and methodology internationally based on the Caribbean experience;
3. To mould a new generation of experts and specialists in the area of gender and feminist studies;
4. To expand the knowledge base from which to draw for teachers and researchers.

Applications are approved by the School for Graduate Studies and Research (SGSR) on the recommendation of the IGDS. Students may be exempted from coursework on a case-by-case basis. Applicants with an undergraduate degree who have an excellent record of scholarship may apply for entry to the MPhil Programme. Strong research proposals are expected and if accepted, they will be required to take all the core courses and complete all other requirements. IGDS Students who complete the MSc in Gender and Development Studies and have an excellent record of scholarship may apply for the MPhil Programme. If accepted, they will be required to complete one additional course, two research seminars, one research field, and the research thesis or thesis by practice. Students with an MSc degree from other UWI graduate programmes may also apply for the MPhil Programme, but will have to complete the core courses along with other requirements. All MPhil Candidates are required to complete the six core courses, one research field, two research seminars, and one research thesis (50,000 words) or practice-based research thesis. Supervisors may recommend that students take additional courses across faculties as needed for their research areas.


Six Core Courses Required - 24 Credits

Semeter I

GEND 7100 Contemporary Feminist Theorising 4 credits
GEND 7103 Sexualities, Bodies and Power 4 credits

Semeter II

GEND 7101 Feminist Epistemology and Methodology 4 credits
GEND 7102 Gender Analysis for Development, Policy and Planning 4 credits
GEND 7002 Philosophy of Gender in Caribbean Thought *** 4 credits

Semeter III

GEND 7106 Research Design and Methods 4 credits


Other Requirements - Non Credit

GEND 7107 One Research Field Non Credit
GEND 7001
GEND 7002
Two Research Seminars Non Credit
GEND 7000 One Research Thesis (50,000 words)

OR Practice-Based Research (20,000 – 30,000 words plus the practical, creative component.)

Non Credit


*** Indicates courses taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels. 

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