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The Master of Science (MSc) in Gender and Development Studies is a two-year taught programme. This programme will equip students to better understand and apply current approaches to feminist theorising and activism, and better utilize gender tools in the workplace. It is geared towards professionals who ultimately will be able to make critical contributions to teaching, research and policy making in the fields of Gender and Development Studies. The programme includes taught courses with a short research project requirement or an internship. MSc candidates are required to complete thirty-six (36) credits consisting of six core courses, one elective, one research seminar and one research project (20,000 words) or one internship report (12,000 words). The elective should be chosen through advising with the Graduate Studies Coordinator or with your supervisor.

Transfer Options

MSc to Diploma: Students can request to transfer to the Postgraduate Diploma while in the MSc Programme if they cannot complete the research project or if their research project is unsuccessful.
Diploma to MSc: Students who have completed the Postgraduate Diploma may apply for the MSc Programme. If accepted, they will be exempted from 18 credits and would therefore have to complete two additional courses, one elective, research seminar, and the research project or internship.


Six Core Courses Required - 24 Credits

Semester I

GEND 6100 Contemporary Feminist Theorising 4 credits
GEND 6104 Sexualities, Bodies and Power 4 credits

Semester II

GEND 6102 Feminist Epistemology and Methodology 4 credits
GEND 6103 Gender Analysis for Development, Policy and Planning 4 credits

Semester III

GEND 6105 Key Issues in Gender and Transformation in the Caribbean 4 credits
GEND 6106 Research Design and Methods 4 credits


One Elective Required - 4 Credits

Some Eligible Electives

GEND 5001 Philosophy of Gender *** 4 credits
GEND 5002 Philosophy of Gender in Caribbean Thought *** 4 credits
SOCI  5001 Gender Ethnicity and Class: Issues of Identity, Nation and Citizenship*** 4 credits
GEND 6001 Advanced Feminist Theory (Reading Course) 4 credits


Other Requirements — 8 Credits + 
GEND 6001 One Research Seminar Non Credit
GEND 6107

GEND 6108

One Research Project (20,000 words)

OR one Internship Report (12,000 words)

8 credits


*** Indicates courses taught at both undergraduate and graduate levels.


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