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Welcome prospective students!

Accepting applications for the Diploma and MSc programmes, for the new cohort in Sept 2022!
MPhil'S and PhD'S accepted for entry in September or January. 

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The deadline for applications has been extended to Friday, August 12. Assistance in completing a UWI application is just an email away:

Go to the Postgraduate Studies page for detailed information. 

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Building Change Makers.
Gender Expertise for Professionals.

MSc/Diploma - Opportunities

  • Evidence based advocacy – opportunities to build capacity and networks, develop approaches to activism, work directly with research and community-based projects
  • Policy making – opportunities to contribute to development of public policies and research on public policy and advocacy 
  • Competitive Internships organised by IGDS at Government Ministries and Civil Society Organisations. Practical hands-on experience and on-the-job training opportunities. 

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Building Independent Researchers
in Caribbean Gender Studies.

MPhil/PhD - Opportunities

  • Action Research Projects
  • Community-based Research
  • Outreach with Civil Society Organisations
  • Policy Planning and Development 
  • Support and Training for Independent Research 
  • Undergraduate Tutoring
    and Course Development 



"As someone privileged to work in this field for decades, I am continuously humbled by its complexity and rich possibilities for enabling a deeper comprehension of so much of the human condition."

               Rhoda Reddock Professor Emeritus of Gender and Social Change







Student Testimonials 







2020 - Satira Maharaj, MSc Candidate in Gender and Development Studies, explains how gender studies at IGDS can transform your professional life and understanding of the world.







2020 - Renuka Anandjit, PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, reflects on the ways gender studies at IGDS expands opportunities for working in fields from public health to civil society and more.







2020 - Tivia Collins, PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, shares how pursuing a postgraduate degree in gender studies will change your life and prepare you for the future.

On their IGDS experience.







2020 - Tyrone Ali, PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, shares his thoughts on how important gender studies is to all aspects of professional life and tertiary education.







2020 - Saajid Hosein, MPhil Candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies, shares how gender studies offers critical thinking and strong interdisciplinary research training.







2020 - Tyrone Ali, PhD Candidate in Interdisciplinary Gender Studies offers his experiences as a professional and father through the impact that gender studies has had on his life.








2018 - Marcus Kissoon, MSc, Cohort 2016, speaks about his experience as a graduate student at the IGDS and his connection to the Break the Silence Campaign. 







2018 - Veeraj Sonnyram, MSc, Cohort 2016, speaks about his experience as a graduate student at the IGDS and his work on the "Red Card for Rape" campaign and IGDS Ignite.  








2012 - UWI interviews Ms. Aleah Ranjitsingh, PhD Candidate Interdisciplinary Gender Studies about her research and influences. She explains why she sort out the IGDS for her PhD. 











2014 Excerpts from student testimonials










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