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Chicago Manual of Style (17th Edition)

Students must complete intent and reference list citations according to the latest version of this guide. Please select the 17th edition of the Chicago Manual of Style. This is the most current and accurate. (as of August 2014)

Research Project/Paper/Thesis Guide

The updated version of the Research Project/Paper/Thesis Guide can be located at The UWI online Postgraduate Documents Library. Be certain to look for the 2001 date on the front cover. This guide must be followed rigorously to qualify for a passing Research Project/Paper/Thesis.
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Purdue OWL Online Writing Lab

This online writing lab is maintained by Purdue University, Indiana, USA. On this site you will find a wide range of resources to assist you with writing, research and citation. Also of interest on this site is a section on subject-specific resources which contains tips for professional, technical writing as well as writing in literature and social sciences, for example. The link below will take you to the home page of the site.

This website is an excellent resource providing reports of research and news items as well as a blog on plagiarism, its detection and how to avoid it. You may subscribe (at no cost) to the blog and receive email notifications of each posting. Plagiarism is a serious offence and should be avoided in all of the scholarly work that you produce, making this website and its resources invaluable. Below is a link to the resources page for the iThenticate website. is a useful site for grammar rules, examples and quizzes to assist in building your skills in the use of English. The site also posts a free blog highlighting common errors, as well as you may subscribe to a free e-newsletter. Following rules of grammar is essential to producing excellent scholarly work. Although we now tend to rely on the spell-check and grammar-check functions of word processing programmes, these tools are not always sufficient to ensure that our work is error-free. Additionally, since conventions of usage change over the years, and innovations in language challenge the older rules, you will find that there is always something new to learn. The link below will take you to the home page of this site, and you can click on the orange icon in the top left of the site to sign up for the free grammar e-newsletter.

Virtual Training Suite

The Virtual Training Suite aims to help university students to develop Internet research skills to assist with their university coursework and assignments. They offer over 60 free Internet tutorials, each covering Internet research skills for a different subject - there's one for most of the subjects taught in UK universities, with a few extras covering skills that are relevant across disciplines.
Women's studies tutorial

Why Citation is More Than a Technicality


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