Institute for Gender and Development Studies


Senior Lecturer & IGDS Undergraduate Studies Coordinator

Co-Executive​ Editor, CRGS

PhD (UCL), MPhil (UWI), BA (Univ. of Toronto)


Dr. Gabrielle Jamela Hosein has a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Toronto, an M.Phil in Gender and Development Studies from The University of the West Indies, and a Ph.D in Anthropology from University College London. Her current research areas are politics and women's leadership, Indo-Caribbean feminisms, masculinities and gender-based violence. She is a Lecturer and head of the Institute for Gender and Development Studies and has been involved in Caribbean feminist movement-building for twenty-five years. Her blog, Diary of a Mothering Worker, is published weekly by the Newsday (previously Trinidad Guardian).

“In academia, you produce and contribute to knowledge, raise consciousness and change how people see the world.”



Currently teaching 


  • GEND 1103 Introduction to Women’s Studies: Theoretical Concepts and Sources of Knowledge
  • GEND 2013 Men and Masculinities in the Caribbean


  • GEND 6100, 7100, 8101 Contemporary Feminist Theorizing
  • GEND 6103, 7102, 8102 Gender Analysis for Development Policy and Planning
Graduate students supervising

Ph.D: Angelica Rodriguez Bencosme
Ph.D: Anusha Ragbir
Ph.D: Renuka Anandjit
MPhil: Saajid Hosein 
MPhil: Shalinee Bahadur 

Completed supervising

Merisa Thompson
Catherine Ali - Navigating Empowerment in Mediation and Restorative Justice in Trinidad.
Amilcar Sanatan
Masculinities: Marcus Kissoon, Veeraj Sonnyram, Nicholas Gilbert
Indo-Caribbean gender negotiations and feminist theorising: Natasha Mahabir, Asha Maharaj. Sarah Nabbie, Anusha Ragbir
Gender and leadership: Sabrina Mowlah Baksh, Lisa McDonald
M.Phil, Cultural Studies:
Nikolai Attai -Trans T & T: An Interrogation of Transgender Lives and Communities in Trinidad and Tobago.


Areas of Specialization
  • Gender and Governance
  • Indo-Caribbean Feminisms
  • Masculinities
  • Gendeer-Based Violence
Research projects
  • Co-Creating Pathways out of Structural and Slow Violence via Community Mobilising, Mapping, and Art  - with Levi Gahman and the Maya Leaders Alliance, Belize.
  • Disarming masculinities and generating positive deviance in contexts of chronic gang violence: Transferring knowledge between the Caribbean and London - with Matt Bishop, Dylan Kerrigan, and Adam Baird
  • Representing Gender-Based Violence: Literature, Performance and Activism in the Anglophone Caribbean - with Lucy Evans and Sonjah Stanley-Niah
  • Indigenous Geographies and Caribbean Feminisms - with Levi Gahman
  • Post-Indentureship Feminisms - with Lisa Outar
IGDS St Augustine Unit Research projects

* Indigenous Geographies and Caribbean Feminisms: Common Struggles Against Capitalism - with Levi Gahman

* Associate Editor, Caribbean Review of Gender Studies (part of the Making of Feminisms in the Caribbean research project)

* Principal Investigator, Politics, Power and Gender Justice in the Anglophone Caribbean, 2011-2014

* Member of the research team for the project Building Responsive Policy: Gender, Sexual Cultures and HIV & AIDS in the Caribbean, 2008-2011

Select papers

  • Centering Solidarities with Indigenous Struggles and Decolonising Caribbean Feminisms, Paper presented - IGDS 25th Anniversary Biennal Conference. (Barbados). November, 2018
  • Gender Negotiations, Feminist Navigations and the Silver Lining Foundation of Trinidad and Tobago, Paper presented - IGDS 25th Anniversary Biennal Conference. (Barbados). November, 2018
  • Boundary-crossing in Feminist Public Writing: Opportunities, Strategies and Risks, Paper presented - Caribbean Studies Association Conference (Cuba) on Panel: Public Intellectual Work: Challenges of Newspaper Columnists. June, 2018



Select presentations

The Time is Now. Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) based on findings from a recently concluded study, in Trinidad and Tobago.
First Citizens Bank Women First Conference, December 2018

If I were Prime Minister: Ending Sexism and Homophobia  
TEDx PoS 2013 

Media Commentary 

Why are female leaders thriving amidst COVID-19
CNC3, Morning Brew, Hema Ramkissoon, Monday 4 May 2020

Standing Shoulder to Shoulder in Equality
Interview with CNC3, 6 March 2020 

Impossible expectations being placed on victims
Interview with CNC3. Dr Hosein. 10 January 2020

IGDS, UWI Works To Stop Sexual Abuse In T&T
TTT. November 19, 2019

No one chooses prostitution
Interview with CNC3. October 22, 2019

International Day of the Girl Child
Interview with CNC3. October 11, 2019  

Gender responsive budgeting
Interview with CNC3. October 7, 2019

Intimate partner violence
Interview with CNC3. September 18, 2019 



In press
  • Engaging Men to End Violence Against Women and Girls in the Caribbean: Expanding the Possibility Frontier. IDB. (In press)
  • Hosein, Gabrielle and Lisa Outar (eds.) Indo-Caribbean Feminist Thought: Genealogies, Theorizing and Enactments. (Palgrave Macmillian) 2016
  • Hosein, Gabrielle and Jane Parpart (eds.) Negotiating Gender, Policy and Politics: Feminist Strategies, Masculinist Resistances and Transformational Possibilities in the Caribbean. (Rowland and Littlefield)  2016
Edited Collections
Select reports







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