Ground Floor Natural Sciences Building
PBX: 1-868-662-2002; Exts 83095; 83111; 83789; 82045
FAX: 1-868-663-5241; 663-5409


Head of Department

BSc, PhD (UWI)
Ext. 83095


Administrative Assistant

Mrs Paulette Belfonte-Paul
Ext. 83789


Ms Leisha Joseph
Acting Secretary - HOD
Ext. 83111

Academic Staff

Dr Nigel Austin
BSc, PhD (UWI) 
Temporary Lecturer, Plant Sciences
Ext. 85242
BSc, PhD (UWI)
Dean, Faculty of Science and Technology; Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry
BA (Oxon), MSc (Bangor), PhD (St Andrews)
Lecturer, Zoology
Ext. 83093
Prof E. Julian Duncan
BSc (Lond - UCWI), PhD (St. Andrews)
Professor Emeritus (Botany)
Ext. 83739
BSc, PhD (UWI)
Lecturer, Genetics
Ext: 83108
BSc (Edinburgh); P.Dip, PhD (Trinity College, Dublin)
Lecturer, Plant Physiology
Ext. 83110
BSc, MPhil (UWI) PhD (Exeter)
Head of Department; Senior Lecturer, Zoology
Ext. 83095
BSc (UWI), M.S, PhD (USF)
Lecturer, Environmental Sciences
Ext. 83096
SB (Biology, MIT), SB (Mathematics, MIT), MSc, PhD (Yale)
Lecturer, Biotechnology
Ext. 85243
BSc, MSc, PhD (Annamalai)
Professor, Biotechnology and Plant Microbiology
Ext. 85244
Dr La Daana Kanhai
BSc, MPhil (UWI) PhD (GMIT)
Temporary Lecturer, Zoology
Ext. 83082
BSc, PhD (UWI)
Senior Lecturer, Plant Sciences
Ext. 83087
BSc, DPhil (Sussex)
Lecturer, Biochemistry
Ext. 83216
MSc (SU, Bulgaria), MSc (SMU DDE, India), PhD (WIAS, The Netherlands) 
Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry
Ext. 83086
BSc, PhD (UWI)
Senior Lecturer, Ecotoxicology
Ext. 85603
BSc (Western Aust.), PhD (Kent)
Lecturer, Plant Sciences
Ext. 83088
BSc (UWI), MSc (Wales), PhD (UWI), MBA (Heriot-Watt)
Professor, (Fisheries & Aquaculture)
Ext. 82184
BSc (UWI), PhD (UWI)
Senior Lecturer, Biochemistry
Ext. 83109

Prof. Adesh Ramsubhag

BSc, PhD (UWI)
Senior Lecturer, Microbiology and Plant Pathology
Ext. 85304
BSc, MPhil, PhD (UWI)
Lecturer, Plant Sciences
Ext. 83089


Mr Zaheer Hosein
Instructor, Zoology
Ext. 82208


MSC/Diploma Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in the Caribbean

Programme Coordinator
Ext. 83739
Mr Anton Manoo
Chief Laboratory Technician
Ext. 82239

National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago

Dr. Juan F. Morales Quiros 
Ext. 84499
Mrs Prudence Coelho-Roberts
Senior Secretary
Ext. 83326
Miss Necheia Falby
Ext. 84498
Ms Keisha Manuare
Ext. 84498


ATS Staff

Ms Renee Ali
Ext. 83091
Mr Jason Andrews
Ext. 83885
Ms Geeta Badloo
Ext. 83788
Mr Rishi Baksh
Ext. 82595
Ms Marcell Boisson
Ext. 83569, 83415
Mr Caran Chowtee
Ext. 82205
Mr Brent Daniel
Ext. 82205
Mr Kerth Daniel
Ext. 82240
Mr Kharran Deonarinesingh
Ext. 83083
Mrs. Sarah Evelyn
Ext. 83415
Mrs Kathleen Hernandez
Ext. 82205
Ms Tricia Jacob
Ext. 82205
Ms Marcia Jacobs
Ext. 83091
Mr Alvin Khelawan
Ext. 82205
Mr Anton Manoo
Ext. 82629
Mr Kelvin Nakhid
Ext: 82595
Mr Stephen Narine
Ext. 83083
Mr Kwesi Noreiga
Ext. 83217
Ms Jennalee Ramnarine
Ext. 82237
Mr Vijai Ramdhan
Ext. 83217
Mr Mahabir Sumair
Ext. 82606
Ms Debbie-Ann Timothy
Ext. 82080


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