Dr Brian N. Cockburn

Dean & Senior Lecturer (Biochemistry)

Professor Judith Gobin

Professor of Marine Biology, Head of Department

Dr Nigel Austin

Temporary Lecturer

Dr Amy E. Deacon

Lecturer in Zoology

Dr Winston Elibox

Senior Lecturer in Genetics, Crop Genetic Improvement

Dr Aidan D. Farrell

Senior Lecturer in Plant Physiology

Dr Trina Halfhide

Lecturer in Environmental Science and Sustainable Technology

Dr Rajini Rani Haraksingh

Lecturer in Biotechnology

Dr Mark Hulme

Lecturer in Zoology

Professor Jayaraj Jayaraman (Jaya)

Professor of Biotechnology & Plant Microbiology

Dr La Daana Kanhai

Temporary Lecturer

Prof Ayub Khan

Prof. of Plant Science (Entomology/Crop Protection)

Dr Adrian M. Lennon

Senior Lecturer in Plant Biochemistry

Dr Milena Mechkarska

Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry

Dr Azad Mohammed

Senior Lecturer in Ecotoxicology

Dr Mike P. Oatham

Senior Lecturer in Plant Science

Dr Sephra Rampersad

Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry

Professor Adesh Ramsubhag

Senior Lecturer in Microbiology and Plant Pathology

Dr Luke V. Rostant

Lecturer in Ecology

Dr Judy Rouse-Miller

Lecturer in Plant Science

Professor Indar W. Ramnarine

Professor of Fisheries and Aquaculture; Deputy Principal, UWI St. Augustine Campus

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