DCFA Ensembles

Caribbean Contemporary Music Workshop

The Caribbean Contemporary Music Workshop is an ensemble of staff, students and musicians from the community, which blend the national instrument – the steelpan – with conventional orchestral instruments. The Workshop performs regularly on Friday evenings. The workshop was led by the late ethnomusicologist - Mr. Mervyn Williams.



Festival Dance Ensemble

The Festival Dance Ensemble functions as the resident dance company of the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, The University of the West Indies, St Augustine Campus. The company has been in existence since 1998 under the Artistic Directorship of Hazel Franco and International choreographer Andre Largen. Their repertoire consists of the traditional dances of Trinidad and Tobago and a contemporary style fusing Horton technique with Folk Traditions. Performances have been on both local and international stages, including the International Organization for Folk Art Festivals in Sao Paulo, Brazil, Umtata and South Africa. The Ensemble was also invited on two occasions to perform at the Festival Du Maronnage in French Guiana and made a successful second visit to Brazil, where a Lecture/Demonstration was presented on Carnival Characters at the World Dance Alliance Americas General Assembly in Bahia, Salvador, in November 2007. Other performances include ‘Caribbean Praise’ and ‘The Hunt’ at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, 2009 and ‘Hosanna at the Global Assembly in Manhattan, New York, 2010.



UWI Arts Chorale

UWI Arts Chorale comprises staff, students and singers from the community. Led by Mr. Jessel Murray, the choir has performed admirably at Carols of Nine Lessons, Faculty Award ceremonies and engagements in the national community.

UWI Arts Chorale led by Mr. Jessel Murray



UWI Percussion Ensemble

The UWI Percussion Ensemble was started at UWI in Semester I of 2003 when Dr. Jeannine Remy moved to Trinidad with all of her percussion instruments, a substantive collection that she has augmented over many years. Amongst this collection, of the pitched-instrument range, are a vibraphone, a marimba and a glockenspiel.

    The Percussion Ensemble comprises pitched and un-pitched instruments and is presently one of a kind in Trinidad and Tobago. With the addition of 'percussion ensemble' to the UWI music program, students can now be professionally trained on both ethnic (non-orchestral) and traditional (orchestral) percussion instruments, as part of their cultural learning experiences at the UWI Department of Creative and Festival Arts.

    As always, the group is constantly seeking to add to their collection of instruments as funding and space permit. For now, the musical pieces that are performed in the 'percussion ensemble' repertoire are all either arranged or composed by Dr. Remy. A piece of UWI's percussion repertoire was published in Gary Cook's 3rd edition of Teaching Percussion and credits UWI for their vision in percussion education.

    In November of 2008, the Percussion Ensemble performed at the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in Austin, Texas (USA).  They were part of a larger group called the Rainmakers.  As result of this trip, Sabian Cymbals and Bergerault marimbas have made Dr. Remy an endorser of their instruments, as a jester of global outreach in spreading percussion education around the world.  The group received an award from the President of PAS, Gary Cook, for "excellence in musical performance".

    As the group continues to grow, the mission of the group is to educate music students in proper percussion techniques, give performances to intrigue others about the capability of percussion, and to encourage creative composition and arranging for percussion.