Undergraduate Programmes

Degree in Music (Pan)

Candidates should normally:

  1. have obtained a B+ average in the certificate in Music (Pan) to enter Year II of the BA programme
  2. have two GCE A’ level/CAPE passes and Grade 7 in Music for the Special in Music
  3. pass an audition.


The Musical Arts Unit of the DCFA offers a vibrant community of music staff and
students with programmes at two levels: the pre-Degree Certificate in Music
programme and the undergraduate degree BA in Musical Arts (Special). Students
wishing to pursue a career in music coming out of CSEC or mature students who
would like to obtain an academic qualification in Music will benefit from the
Certificate in Music; while those who have decided to continue to become
professionals in Music or would like to pursue post-graduate degrees in Music

will benefit from the BA in Musical Arts (Special).


In addition to scheduled courses, life as a DCFA Musical Arts student is enriched
by involvement in several ensembles including UWI Arts Steel, UWI Arts Chorale,
UWI Arts Percussion, UWI Arts Indian Classical Ensemble, UWI Arts
Afro-Caribbean Drumming Ensemble, UWI Arts Caribbean Contemporary
Workshop, UWI Arts Jazz Ensemble, UWI Arts Intermendiate Pan Ensemble, UWI

Arts Guitar Ensemble and the UWI Arts Wind Ensemble.


Courses within the programme include
Music Theory | Performance | Music History | Ethnomusicology (Musics of the
Caribbean, Introduction to World Music) | Music Therapy | Jazz | Pan and Choral
Arranging | Composition | Choral and Steel Orchestral Techniques.
Performance includes individual lessons in Voice, Steelpan, Orchestral
Percussion, Piano, Saxophone, Flute, Clarinet, Oboe, Bassoon, French Horn,
Trumpet, Trombone, Violin, Indian Musical instruments, Drum Kit and Guitar.
On completion, graduates will be able to hone skills in performance, theoretical
understanding of music, music education theories and methods as well as
musical creativity. Graduates will be able to contextualize their abilities and
knowledge within the multi-faceted landscape available to musicians as
performers, teachers, theorists, researchers, historians, music therapists,

arrangers, composers and arts entrepreneurs.


For further information contact
Tel: (868)-645 0873 | (868)-663-2222
Fax: (868)-663-2141
Email: dcfa@sta.uwi.edu
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