Undergraduate Programmes

Degree in Visual Arts

Applicants should normally:

    • Have obtained a B average in the Certificate in Visual Arts to enter year one of the BA programme
    • Have a minimum of 2 CAPE or GCE A-level subjects
    • Present a portfolio of work (10 to 15 pieces) and pass an interview

Portfolio Guide

We are looking for enthusiastic students who understand why they want to study the visual arts. The portfolio should reflect your commitment, abilities and ideas. It can include paintings, drawings, computer-generated work, textile art and three-dimensional pieces.

About the Visual Arts Degree Programme

The Visual Arts Degree offers an inspiring context for refining thinking and practice. The curriculum is structured on Art and Design, which emphasizes an intra-disciplinary approach to content. The aim is to produce graduates who can function as fine artists, art and cultural critics, art teachers and administrators, as well as graduates who are likely to find roles in the design professions – working in the industrial, construction, festive and communicative sectors of the economy. Students choose Design or Fine Arts as their major area of practice in their second year.

In addition to core courses within the Art and Design streams, students have access to an array of electives including:

Surface Design and Technology


Costume Fabrication

Ideas in Contemporary Art

Art Education

Film and Video

Certificate in Visual Arts

Applicants should normally:

    • Have passes in a minimum of 5 CSEC subjects
    • Present a portfolio of work (10 pieces) and pass an interview


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Visual Arts Student Exhibition