Dr Karla Georges

Director School of Veterinary Medicine

Dr. Tennille Auguste

Assistant Lecturer - Small Animal Surgery

Dr. Lisa Benjamin

Lecturer - Veterinary Public Health

Dr. Nisharra Bodhram

Clinical Teaching Assistant - Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Roxanne Charles

Lecturer - Veterinary Parasitolgy

Dr. Michael Diptee

Lecturer & Clinician - Large Animal Surgery and Medicine

Dr. Marc Driscoll

Assistant Lecturer - Food Animal Medicine, Surgery and Theriogenology

Dr. Karelma Frontera-Acevedo

Lecturer - Veterinary Anatomical Pathology

Dr. Ansarah Hosein

Assistant Lecturer - Small Animal Medicine

Dr. Muhammad Sani Ismaila

Lecturer - Pharmacology and Toxicology

Dr. Jenelle Johnson

Assistant Lecturer - Avian and Exotics

Dr. Kegan Romelle Jones

Lecturer - Animal Science and Production

Dr. Nagarajan Lakshmanan

Senior Lecturer - Small Animal Soft Tissue Surgery

Dr. Curtis Legall

Lecturer - Veterinary Anaesthesia

Dr. Reda Mohamed

Lecturer - Veterinary Anatomy

Dr. Natasha Mootoo

Lecturer - Small Animal Medicine and Surgery

Dr. Michael Morris

Lecturer - Theriogenology

Dr. Teola Noel

Assistant Lecturer - Veterinary Public Health

Professor Chris Oura

Professor - Veterinary Virology

Dr. Indira Pargass

Lecturer - Veterinary Clinical Pathology

Dr. Anil K. Persad

Head of Department - Clinical Veterinary Sciences & Lecturer in Large Animal Medicine (Food Bias)

Dr. Candice Sant

Lecturer - Veterinary Parasitology

Dr. Rod Suepaul

Lecturer - Veterinary Pathology

Dr. Venkatesan Sundaram

Head Of Department - Basic Veterinary Sciences & Senior Lecturer (Histology and Embryology)

Dr. Devina Supersad

Teaching Assistant - Veterinary Anatomical Pathology

Dr. Sabrina Thomas

Assistant Lecturer - Small Animal Medicine Medicine

Dr. Jonathan White

Lecturer - Equine Surgery

Dr. Gillian Williams

Lecturer - Ophthalmology

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