Institute for Gender and Development Studies

IGDS Graduate Studies Seminars/Workshops

Academic Year 2021-2022
Semester I
Runs from Friday 8 October through to Friday 26 November





MPhil and PhD applications are accepted on a rolling basis in January and September. We are here to answer your question and guide you through applying. 


Postgraduate 2021-22 Semester 1 Courses

These courses are open to all postgraduate students across the Campus. We welcome all students, pursuing any progamme in any faculty or department. Students should register for the course code that corresponds with their level and degree programme.

  1. Philosophy of Gender 4 Credits
    GEND 5001 (DIPLOMA)  |  GEND 6002 (MSc)  |  GEND 7001 (MPhil)  |  GEND 8001 (PhD)  
  2. Research Design and Methods 4 credits
    GEND 6106 (Diploma/MSc)  |  GEND 7106 (MPhil)  |  GEND8106 (PhD)  

Academic Advising: 

Please email any of the following staff members to schedule an appointment or make an enquiry.
Ms. Asha Inniss
Clerical Assistant, IGDS Graduate Studies
Tel: 868-662-2002 ext. 82533

Dr. Angelique Nixon
Lecturer and Graduate Studies Coordinator
Tel. 868-662-2002 ext. 83548

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Gain insights into Postgraduate Studies and the four interdisciplinary degrees with Dr Angelique Nixon



Graduate Studies
CRGS Issue 10

IGDS Gold: Advancing Caribbean Feminist Scholarship
Editors: Dalea Bean and Raquel Sukhu
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Aleah Ranjitsingh, Cohort 2014 is currently teaching at Brooklyn College, City University of New York. 

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