Why study French?

French is a language widely spoken on all continents and in many countries. It is used by approximately 200 million people as a native language, a language of instruction, and/or an official language.

It is one of the languages of diplomacy at the United Nations and other important international organizations such as the European Union. Learning French can therefore potentially improve one’s marketability and afford one access to an international community and education.

Moreover, in Trinidad and Tobago, there are approximately 600 French nationals and still others continue to migrate each year. Given the presence of this local French community there are many organizations such as Un côté français, Association Tandem, l’Alliance Française, which organize monthly gatherings and regular activities for the benefit of local francophones. Learning French can thus potentially expand one’s social circles and open the door to an array of new cultural experiences (cuisine, music, literature, philosophy) and destinations.

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