Why study Korean?

The language of Korea is Korean, and its alphabet is known as Hangeul. Hangeul is credited as being one of the most scientific and systematic alphabet systems in the world and is easy to learn. UNESCO even celebrates King Sejong who invented Hangeul through the award of the King Sejong Literacy Prize. If you learn Korean, you will understand why Hangeul is said to be scientific and systematic.

The Internet is very popular in Korea. Although Korean has the thirteenth largest group of language users worldwide, the number of documents on the Internet in Korean ranks at sixth in the world. Information about both the Government and ordinary citizens is readily accessible via the Internet in Korea.

So if you know the Korean language, you can easily find what you need especially if you enjoy various aspects of Korean culture, such as movies, dramas, and K-POP. You will also understand Korean traditions and the Korean people more. Let’s try it!

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