In 2015, the Centre for Language Learning organized the first Languages for Life Secondary School Competition. This initiative was a result of an innovative research project entitled, Language and Competitiveness: Positioning Trinidad and Tobago for Sustainable Development.

The competition aims to promote foreign language learning and multilingualism among secondary school students. Fourth to sixth form students are invited to produce content on a theme related to the value of learning foreign languages and present their reflections in the form of an essay, spoken word piece, poster or short film. The contest is held biennially in collaboration with the Ministry of Education.

In 2017, we took the concept of Languages for Life even further by producing a DVD entitled, Languages for Life – Profiles of the Foreign Language User. The talented Ms. Cindy F. Daniel, lawyer by profession, as well as actress and radio personality, interviewed 5 locals for whom languages have had a major impact on their professional careers.

The interviewees were Mr. Russell Latapy, Ms. Gennike Mayers, Mr. Devon Seale, Ms. Anastasia Ramjag and Mr. Jean Louis Robinson. View their interviews here:

Languages for Life 2015 Album

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Languages for Life 2017 Album

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